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How To Make Button Mushroom Cake Pops

Button Mushroom Cake Pops

These are lovely mushroom shaped pops. Now a days cake pops are the best sweet treat to any party, especially the birthday party, children just love these little treat of any kind. As you all know pops can be made in different shapes and styles.

So today here some little cute toad mushroom pops.



  • Cake balls – vanilla flavor or chocolate flavor
  • Vanilla candy melts
  • Food color – red
  • Lollipop sticks
  • White candy writer gel
  • Mini marshmallow



Button Mushroom Cake Pops

Button Mushroom Cake Pops


Making Process


  • Make the cake balls ready and chill them until they are set.
  • Prepare the candy melts and mix in few drops of red food color.
  • To each lollipop stick, push in mini marshmallow and keep them in the halfway.
  • Then dip 1/3 inch of a lollipop stick into candy melts and then insert it into cake balls.
  • Now dip entire balls into the candy melts and let it set for some time.
  • Pull up the marshmallow just near to the balls, just to give a look of mushroom stalk.
  • When the coating has dried up, make the small patches on the cake balls using white candy writer.
  • So mushroom cake pops are ready to serve in any parties.


Button Mushroom Pops

Button Mushroom Pops

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