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Best Electric Melting Pot for Cake pops

Best Electric Melting Pot for Cake pops
Wilton Industries 2104-9004 Chocolate Pro Melting Pot Fondue Pots
I began my cake pop journey at Viking Cooking School. I’ve learned some pretty amazing techniques. Since then, I was able to teach cake pop making for Wilton and invested in their electric melting pot. Their pot is versatile as you can dip cake, fruits, cookies, etc. When creating cake pops you should add 1 cup of frosting to each completed cake from a box mix. Crush your cake and add the frosting. Roll your cake into mini balls and place in the refrigerator to chill. Read the directions for working with the Wilton Melting pot. Turn your pot on for at least 10 minutes. Add your Wilton candy melts. It can hold up to 2 ½ cups at a time. Once your candy melts have melted switch the setting to warm. If the chocolate is too thick add a tablespoon of shortening. Use a wooden or silicon spoon to crush any lumps. Take a candy stick and dip it in the pot, stick it in the cake pops, and submerge the cake pop into the chocolate pot. Gently tap off any excess chocolate. When working with fruit be very careful. Water is chocolates worst enemy and the end result is streaking or excessive clumping. The pot measures approximately 5 ½ by 10 ½ by 8 1/3 inches.
The bad: The Wilton Chocolate Pro is an economical product however the chocolate doesn’t stay smooth. You have to keep adding shortening and crushing any lumps. The handle broke on me twice. I used gorilla glue to repair it.
The Pros: Its economical, convenient, gets the job done, and works best with their candy melts. You can melt butter versus in the microwave or frying pan. The retail value price of this product is $18.67, or  $34.66  with the chocolate bundle.

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