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Festive Party Balloon Cake Pops

Nothing is more festive than party balloons— except maybe mini balloons that you can eat! Cake pops don’t have to all be round—making balloon-shaped pops takes only a bit of tweaking. Using tinted candy coating (or tinting yours with food […] 

S’mores Cake Pops

Love S’mores? You’ll love S’mores cake pops! This recipe takes everything that’s yummy about S’mores, a camping staple, and turn it into a delightful cake treat. Marshmallow, chocolate and even graham crackers—they’re all in it, as well as the addition […] 

Fancy Cake Pops with Black and White Swirls

While cake pops can be fun and informal, they can also be elegant enough to serve at your fancier occasions. The key technique here is learning how to pipe. If your piping skills are a bit rusty or under-developed, you […] 

Elegant Lemon Cake Pop Bites

Cake pops are not just for children; adults can enjoy them just as much with a few modifications. Try making these tasty treats off the stick, and decorate them for a more elegant display that would be suitable for even […] 

Jumbo “Ice Cream” Cone Cake Pops

Would you believe these luscious looking ice cream cones are not ice cream at all? That’s right, they’re made of cake! a variation of cake pop , these large cake balls are supported by a cone instead of a stick; […] 

Basic Cake Pops

Cake pops are easy to master with some practice, but there are tips and tricks you need to know before attempting any cake pop recipes. These little cake treats are sitting on a stick and need to hold together well […] 

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